New to Market! 3.5" exhaust for 335 by Black Market Racing


Jan 28, 2018
Parts unknown
Thanks. I dont have a big single, just twin MMP S3,however im in search of a zero flow loss system. Im not sure how accurate internet info is all of the time, but multiple sources lean at 2.2cfm per HP.


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Mar 16, 2017
Well, other than custom building a 4 inch system, its the largest exhaust you can get on the market. We have 3.5" exhaust systems using the same mufflers on vehicles making nearly 900whp.

Twisted Tuning

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Oct 25, 2016
New York
@Twisted Tuning was there any modifications needed to the exhaust to make it work on an xi? I'm interested in picking one up but not sure if it'll fit or not.
I have had 2 people take advantage of this pricing so far. Ends today!

I have a detailed email from him going over what it took him to get it on there, didn't seem very hard but obviously direct fit is preferred. If you are interested send me an email and I will forward you the info from him. [email protected]

Not sure, I don't think you rate exhaust by CFM? Typically whatever your turbos are rated for. Regardless....the exhaust is true 3.5" all the way through with a 100% straight through muffler so the only spot where back pressure could really occur for big turbo setups is at the front connecting flange since it has to be a split design to match OEM and everyone else's downpipe design. HOWEVER, for big turbo cars we have made the 135 and 335 exhausts with a v-band front connection, eliminating the split design, and we include the other half of the v-band so you can have your downpipe made to fit the exhaust locally.

just have Tom forward you what i sent him. No difficult issues at all, just some small things that are pretty easy to square away