No Fly Zone - CA - Minter Field

Oct 24, 2016
Scottsdale, AZ
Is this the car with the Nizpro auto?
Yes, but the calibration has not been completed. Held the power fine.

Oh damn!

I'm pretty sure this is that car. Sounds like it ran well besides the engine issue.
Yes -we were fighting ECU issues most of the day but were very pleased with our hardware.

How much power was that car making and at what weight?
Car was full weight -don't have an exact number as we didn't weigh it- it made 622 whp on 24 psi flat. That 622 whp tune ran a 164.4 earlier in the day. When we ran 167.5 mph we had it at 27 psi peak tapering to 26 psi up top. Keep in mind the engine was getting cranky... as we found out soon after. Our final run of the day we turned the boost up to about 30 psi and desensitized the knock sensors. lol


Oct 18, 2016
@[email protected] isn't this an engine you picked up from a junk yard and it was giving you issues since the day you installed it anyway? Seems like there might have been something going on with the engine as is before any of this happened.
Oct 24, 2016
Scottsdale, AZ
I am not 100% sure. We (VTT) have gone through an evolution on our perspective with N54 test mules. I *think* this engine was original to the car but am not sure. There was a phase that we thought picking up cheap N54's and thrashing them was a solid method (at this time all the built motors were very problematic). We test hardware very very hard so this just resulted in us blowing up more N54's than just about anyone else. Now, at least for a test car, we definitely go with fully built. Back to this car -we have an engine build in process, so it won't be too long before it's able to be used for testing again.