Oct 24, 2016
Scottsdale, AZ
Why didn't you opt for larger? The flow surely wouldn't have hurt anything, and the stock Mani has such a huge air gap so plenty of space?
Good question. Short answer is that we'd like to... but we got such a good source on these and purchased in such a significant quantity that we couldn't justify the extra cost. There may be room in the market to support something between this and GC's, but we'd rather crank these out for a good price for the ~600-650 whp crowd (which is enough for most people and stock engines) and continue to improve the GC's. We have a lot of developments coming out, this is the first of many.
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Nov 5, 2016
Fair cop. Thought you said this was your design from scratch tho..

Also, if you missed the edit, 8.1% not 5!

At least it's finally a better more reliable cheaper "stage 2" option, no more hybrids!
Oct 24, 2016
Scottsdale, AZ
Group buy is now completed, thank you to all who helped make it a success! We're really looking forward to seeing these little babies out on the street -I know it takes a while to schedule install/tune/dyno but post up about them when you do! Thank you to everyone who participated. Most of the orders will ship in about a week.
We have another batch of GC's in, although stock is getting low.

GC's In stock same to next day shipping
GC Lites out of stock looking at ~3-4 weeks
Stage 2 / 2+ - ~2 week lead
Stage 1 ~2 week lead
OEM replacements ~2 week lead
N55 Stage 1 in stock

As always, hit up the website for orders, and for any questions shoot me a direct email: [email protected] and I'll be happy to help you out!

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Nov 6, 2016
South Africa
Thread revival... has anyone installed these yet? i am looking for reviews... bit disappointed that these versions dont produce as much power as the older stage 2/2+ but the price is keen!
Nov 5, 2016
Bay Area
These will produce the same or more power as the original stage 2. There is no magic, the wheels are the same size on both. Simply need to get these on a car without a bad motor to see good results. We have shipped almost 50 sets so far. Many happy customers. Same thing applies as it always has, and will most likely never change. Happy customers almost never post, unhappy ones do.
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Jun 23, 2017
Hi all! Since VTT are having a sale right now and some people might be interested decided to share my experience.
I got my Stage 2+ turbos as part of the pre-order, but install them may be a month ago. First want to say how good was the communication with @[email protected] and thank him and @[email protected] for the great products and for pushing the platform further ahead! Also thanks to @Mike @ XPH for the help with the FMIC and to @trebila for tuning the car!
1st pic is whp, 2nd is engine, according to the dyno shop. Logs are one from a dyno run, the other 3rd gear run.
Car is 2007 E93 335i MT
Fuel: pump gas only
Mods:JB4, Charge Pipe w/ Tial BOV, Catless 3" Downpipes, BMS Oil Catch Can, BMS 2step/ NLS relay ,BMS cowl filters, JB4 Bluetooth kit, RB PCV, VTT Stage 2+ turbos,VTT 2" inlets, VTT outlets, 7" VRSF fmic, Fuel-it stage 2 bucketless lpfp, N20 3.5 bar tmap, K&N panel air filter, Trebila custom BEF
I'm really happy with the car and if you're on the market for twins you can not go wrong with VTT!!



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