Question regard DCT fluid flush.


Feb 6, 2018
Hey guys, its been kinda cold for us SoCal folks 40F when I leave for work in the morning and I have been getting a rough shift 2>3 for the first time only then its fine after that. Thinking maybe this is due to the old fluid(daily driven 83k miles, fbo, e85 flex fuel). Any insight on why this happens would be appreciated.

Been doing a bit of research for the DCT fluid flush and it seems the FCPEuro and ECSTuning kits only provide:

- 5L of fluid, but aware that a full flush(drop oil pan) is more like 7L and the whole unit takes about 9L+.
- Side filter(#5).
- New drain plug (#2)
- New fill plug (#9)

Is it recommend that i replace the following as well?
- Suction filter (#6)
- New oil pan + gasket (#1)

I would think to replace the gasket at a minimum if i'm going to pull off the oil pan. Or will be draining the fluid and topping off + filter going to be enough. Possible to do it 2-3 times to get the fluids that are still in the lines.

Any info/help would be appreciated.



Sep 7, 2018
It could be wise to always replace also the filter when changing oil... In this case, both filters. There are also aftermarket oil pans and viton gaskets which address the problem of the original oil pan gasket leaking, if you are replacing the oil pan.
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