Recommended android apps for E89 owners?


Mar 10, 2018
European, based in China
Besides MHD flasher, what are the android apps you have experience with and would recommend an E89 owner now in 2020? I see pro tools, bimmercode, carly and torque pro as the main ones people mention. I already tested demo versions of pro tools and bimmercode, and they both seem to work with the same phone and cable I use for MHD.

Or to ask in a different way. Would one be missing out on any capabilities by just owning pro tools and mhd?


Mar 10, 2018
European, based in China
Alright, so I decided against the pricey bimmergeeks pro tools app, and got these two apps instead
  1. Deep OBD for BMW and VAG (free)
  2. BimmerCode (not free)

Deep OBD is basically INPA and EDIABAS on your Android smartphone. With this app I was able to
1) Get full list of codes from all ECUs, such as this one

CVM/CTM (Soft top module):
Error code: A68B
Microswitch, roof shell 2 closed, left, Common connection (or both control buttons), Short circuit to negative
Environmental conditions:
- Frequency: 4
- Mileage/km reading: 138592 km | 138592 km | 138600 km
- Outside temperature: 19 °C | 19 °C | 18 °C
- Day: 7 - | 7 - | 7 -
- Month: 2 - | 2 - | 2 -
2) Monitor new and exciting ECU channels. Some examples.

Screenshot_20200218-225822_Deep_OBD_for_BMW_and_VAG.png Screenshot_20200218-230013_Deep_OBD_for_BMW_and_VAG.png Screenshot_20200218-230026_Deep_OBD_for_BMW_and_VAG.png Screenshot_20200218-230032_Deep_OBD_for_BMW_and_VAG.png

3) Create logs with said parameters. See csv file attached. Unfortunately the channels are written in coded german.

Everything worked using my MHD otg usb cable for free.

With BimmerCode, I was able to code the following options. Some of them I haven't tested yet though.
  • Air circulation setting memory: Active (oh finally)
  • Daytime running lights with Angel Eyes (not sure if works or nice, will see...)
  • Higher maximum audio volume on start up... (car is louder than stock, low volume is useless)
  • Correct battery type, 80Ah AGM (about time...)
  • Convenient closing (I rarely operate the roof with the engine off, but why not)
  • Shorter delay for convenient roof closing and opening (because it takes long enough already)
  • Higher maximum speed (30km/h) for opening and closing the roof (should be nice in case of sudden rain)
  • Windows that can be operated while opening/closing doors and after removing the key (so the passenger can freely open the door and leave while the roof is closing)
  • Turned off headlight washers, and reduced the wiper operation to one time instead of three
  • Reserve fuel warning reduced to 6.5L and no more 50km range warning. (I am fully aware that the Z4 fuel tank is super tiny, no need for annoying, and lets be honest, super scary yellow cluster warnings)
  • Double pulse hazard flasher (looks super cool I think... )
  • No more driver seat-belt and idrive warnings. (yeah I always wear the seatbelt - no need to ding me when I just got in the car)
  • Triple indicators and other minor things that I can no longer adjust in iDrive due to some coding mess a BMW workshop did
Having owned this car for so many years, I feel super excited to try out these changes.


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