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Discussion in 'N54' started by TheAllOriginal, Dec 21, 2016.

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  1. What's everybody's take on a SSK ? I've heard that it's a hit or miss on them. I'm considering one after driving my friends s2k and 350z which seem to have shorter direct throws then my 335is. I'm doing a clutch install once my twin-disk clutch arrives and thought about doing a SSK since I'm already down there with everything apart. Any recommended brands ? Anything to stay away from ?
  2. Ric in RVA

    Ric in RVA New Member

    I put a UUC SS in my 11 135i. Love it. Like a bolt action rifle. Pricey, but VERY well built and designed.
  3. never really liked ssk in any car..... too easy to money shift imo
    if i was to get a better shifter, i'd look into rtg shifters
  4. Joe

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  5. i want one so bad.... but its not on the priority list at the moment...
  6. ATL-IS-N54

    ATL-IS-N54 Corporal

    My 335is has something that resembles an SSK from the factory, could you just install the 335is shift linkage ?
  7. Icewall

    Icewall Lurker


    One of my favorite mods. A real shift kit.


    it is installed in reverse in my 135 so I didnt have to cut into the tray to fit the reverse lockout.
    no missing shifts with this.
  8. damn...all these posts make me want one even more...

    do you guys have install pics? i never received any from rtd themselves...
    is it a gearbox out job? any drilling templates? do i still need a dssr rod after i install the shifter itself or does it come with the kit?
  9. e30sherm

    e30sherm Private

    Mounted reverse? That is very intriguing to me.
  10. Icewall

    Icewall Lurker

    yeah you can mount it the other way around and cut under the shifter trim. It takes a bit of patience to do but the proof is in the picture. It can be done and keeps you from needing to cut into the ashtray or that other tray that some model come with.
  11. Joe

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    If you mount it forward, you can still make it look oem. Cigarette lighter is still there, but ash tray cover is velcro'd on.

    No installation instructions but my mechanic had no issue installing it. CAE is pretty similar, so you could use this:

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