S55 THOR - the M Flasher - iOS GTS and CS Flasher for DCT, DSC (MDM), LSD and EPS


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Nov 27, 2018
Dear SpoolStreet Community, on this Thread I would like to introduce our iOS app „THOR - the M Flasher

THOR is a tuning solution to flash your dual-cutch transmission, dynamic stability control, limited slip differential and electromechanical steering with your iOS Smartphone by yourself. Increase the performance of your DCT gearbox and optimize your dynamic stability program (MDM mode), your electronically controlled limited slip differential and your steering with the Dynamic Package.

Choose from the OEM quality settings Road&Track (CS-Flash) or Clubsport (GTS-Flash) and bring even more performance in your vehicle.

You can choose between 2 respectively 3 different packages.

Packages / Maps
- Full Flash Package (DCT + Dynamic)
- DCT Package
- Dynamic Package

DCT Package
The DCT package consists as our two gearbox maps Road&Track (CS) and Clubsport (GTS).

Dynamic Package
Our Dynamic Package combined the three codings/flashs
- electromechanical steering
- dynamic stability control
- limited slip differential

and offers you also the two different maps Road&Track and Clubsport.

The Full Flash Package is our saving special and includes both Packages (DCT and Dynamic) with an 20% price advantage.

THOR highlights:
- faster and smoother shifts
- improved MDM Mode
- earlier upshift in comfort mode (eco tune)
- more traction
- improved clutch pressures
- THOR can be removed at any time and your vehicle configured back to the default condition (update safety)


ScreenHome (1).png







THOR is compatible with:

- BMW M2 F87
- BMW M2 F87N
- BMW M3 F80
- BMW M3 F80N
- BMW M3 CS F80N
- BMW M4 Coupé F82
- BMW M4 Coupé F82N
- BMW M4 CS Coupé F82N
- BMW M4 GTS Coupé F82
- BMW M4 Cabrio F83
- BMW M4 Cabrio F83N

Required accessories:
To use THOR – the M Flasher, you’ll need an OBD II WiFi adapter. THOR is only compatible with the THOR OBD II WiFi adapter.

EU: https://www.bimmer-connect.com/thor-wifi-adapter.php
US: https://www.bimmergeeks.net/product-page/protool-thor-xhp-wifi-adapter

More informations at https://www.thorflasher.com

FAQs: https://www.thorflasher.com/faq/

Download for free THOR on the App Store

YouTube Tutorial

THOR - Dealer-Program
We also offer a dealer solution for workshops and tuners!

I hope you enjoy it. If you require any further information, feel free to contact me.

Mail: [email protected]

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thormflasher/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thorflasher/


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Nov 27, 2018
Another update from us. The first highlight this week is the launch of THOR in the Google Play Store.

The THOR Android version supports our THOR WiFi adapter as well as the BimmerGeeks Pro Cable.


But we still have two further developments, which will of course be released on Android and iOS.

Coding of the tire pressure monitoring system
This function is especially interesting for trackday drivers. The BMW M2, M3 and M4 of the F8X series are equipped with the tyre pressure monitoring system RDCi. If you switch to your "Trackday" wheel set, this can cause problems again and again, because either no sensors were installed or the system does not cope with the ongoing adjustment of the tire pressure.

When flashing the DSC control unit, THOR will in future offer the possibility to choose between the tire pressure monitoring system RDCi or RPA (rotational speed dependent without sensors).

EDC Coding / Competition and CS
In the future BMW M3 and M4 with EDC will have the possibility to encode your electronic dampers to the data status of the Competition models or CS versions.

We'll keep you posted.
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