Upgraded auto transmission


Dec 14, 2016
Hudson, WI
My '10 E92 xdrive with 92k miles uses the 6HP19Z transmission, which I fear is starting to show it's age as well as signs of wear & tear from the power which is being run through it. I'm on a quest over the winter to upgrade the transmission to something which will hold 600+ ft/lbs all day and all night. It's flashed to xHP stage 2. The 2-3 shift is long, and when engagement is achieved it hits hard, if that makes sense. The 3-4 shift is getting longer. As far as I can tell I'm not experiencing any slip.

Back in the day Level 10 was the place to go for a built automatic transmission, and evidently their quality and workmanship has gone downhill over the past number of years. So I'm asking the collective for input on a built transmission, not just which parts are recommended but a shop or reputable individual to do the work. I'd also entertain the purchase of a pre-built part if the option is available.

Thanks for your input.