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Jul 5, 2018
I have a pair of upgraded Hexon rr600’s with 0 miles on them. There are no Hexon internals, they were completely removed and swapped with upgraded components.

The upgrade was done by TurboBay Performance, a specialty turbo shop. I decided to go a different direction, so I would like to see if there is any interest (otherwise I may keep them for another project).

Upgrade Details:
Full performance rebuild and upgrade. In house custom compressor wheels, larger custom turbines wheels, upgraded thrust kit, custom journal bearings, new clips, new bearing housings, new seals, new rings, blasted and cleaned assembly. Computer balanced.

The end result seems very close to MMP stage 3 turbos. The second picture is to compare the rr600 blade to the upgraded blade

-Compressor wheel is 46mm inducer 11 blade. Turbine wheel is 46mm exducer 9 blade.
-Ceramic Coated manifold

Looking to get $2200 shipped


CFC46106-4967-45D3-9075-EF9C28115E3C.jpeg D65ED432-5974-4BDD-A456-B36E4590B6E2.jpeg
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Mar 21, 2017
I am interested.... Question: the pics didn't show the manifold housings. I assume they are part of this but I wanted to confirm. Also, if they are included, whats the flapper situation? Is it new, OEM, Hexon Original? Furthermore, where do you live? Is this in the states, outside the states? Sorry for all the questions, it's a good price, just wanted to confirm what you're offering before I start spewing benjamins ;)
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