Vtt black friday sale!

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  1. Hey Guys!
    Here is our 2016 Black Friday sale!

    The VTT GC's. For the N54, the GC's have the highest power, the fastest trap speeds, the greatest efficiency... and fantastic spool. The GC's are a new design from the ground up, removing all of the bottlenecks of stock frame based turbos for unmatched performance. We've made 770+ whp; there is nothing else on the market that comes close.
    Reg. Price: $4199.00 Sale Price: $3699.00 Use Code VTTGCBF

    GC lites:
    The little brother to the GC's, the GC lites have all of the advantages of the GC's except with a smaller compressor for those who want absolutely unmatched spool, and vanishingly low amounts of lag for the most responsive turbo in its class. Power levels supported up to 650 whp range.
    Reg. Price: $3199.00. Sale Price: $2699.00 Use Code VTTGCBF

    Everything else on the site:
    10% off anything else VTT; Use Code VTT-BF-10
    Note: Deals cannot be used together!!!

    Sale starts Friday at midnight and goes through Sunday at midnight.
  2. shwinturbo

    shwinturbo New Member

    What is the warranty offered on these? What are the limitations of that warranty? Interested.
  3. Standard 1 year limited warranty guaranteed free from defects. VTT warranty is here:
    Warranty | Vargas Performance Turbo Solutions

    Limitation wise -biggest thing, and this is common sense really, is that you have to follow the proper installation method (i.e. prime the turbos before first start, change your oil during install, etc). Should really be considered standard good shop practice. Have any questions... ask us. Much better to ask a possibly silly question and get a solid answer rather than chance doing it wrong due to assumptions. We're always glad to help.
  4. Dennis

    Dennis Private

    Nice deal, wish I waited for these before I ordered my VTT2+'s a year ago!
  5. Special addition!
    Black Friday X VTT.jpg

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