What non-stock / aftermarket clutch are you using?


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Aug 11, 2017
I'm trying to find some reviews on aftermarket clutches but they're few and far in between. Would love to hear how it feels compared to stock, what flywheel you mated it with, how loud chatter is (if any), and how many miles its held up. Thanks ahead of time!


May 25, 2018
I picked up a used spec stage 5 clutch, had about 9k on it. Ive put probably about 2k on it. Came with a spec steel smfw. Pedal is pretty stiff, little less than a cable operated semi truck clutch. Its full ceramic, so on takeoff it squeeks, my idle is around 900, while about 1200rpm for moving to get it going. It chatters some at that rpm, with a/c on. Its pretty well on or off. Havent had any slipping with it. Im around low 500s id say single turbo. We'll see when i turn it up around 750 wheel how it holds.


Jun 27, 2017
335is clutch/pressure plate with stock dmfw and cdv delete holding power from fbo/inlets/[email protected]

I've been doing my reading and most people seem to favor the spec 3+ or the motiv twin disk. Everyone agrees the steel smfw from mfactory will chatter but it won't be too bad like the older aluminum ones.