Winners of: xHP Flashtool 6AT TCU Flash - GIVEAWAY

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    The day has come!

    Lets get a round of applause for the winners below:

    R.G. (Ticket Number: 949), 4doorbmwpower (Ticket Number: 1132), Shane303 (Ticket Number: 983), tkong (Ticket Number: 1230), Cheezy (Ticket Number: 1120)

    Thank you to everyone else for participating, stay tuned the Motiv BoostBox raffle will be announced shortly!

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  2. 08_335i

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    2008 ST 335i
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    Worst news of my life
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  5. Didn't r.g. win the intercooler too?! Dude has some great luck

    Edit: I looked it up he did not. But congratulations still fellow winners!!
  6. R.G.

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    Henderson, NV
    E92 N54, F02 N54
  7. Cjdzombie

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    2011 335i xDrive M-Sport
    Crap! I thought this raffle ended on the 1st?
  8. COTT3series

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    2008 BMW 535xi, 2007 BMW 335i.
  9. doublespaces

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    2009 E93 335i
    That was @Xshadows
    It got moved up to coincide with the release.
  10. doublespaces

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    2009 E93 335i
  11. Shane303

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    Mesa, Arizona
    2009 E92 335i
  12. I wrote it in the xhp discussion thread, i didnt know i was supposed to make a new thread for it or post it here. I can find it and repost if necessary
  13. doublespaces

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    2009 E93 335i
    Just post the link to that post here is fine, thanks
  14. Well i just searched all over for it and cant find it. But i remember writing it. I will continue to look for it tomorrow and if i dont find it by Wednesday ill rewrite it here. I need to update it anyway now that i have a few thousand miles with it.
  15. I found it. It was in the xhp app released to the public discussion haha. The original is as follows and I'll make edits after. "Well guys, I'm sorry this is a little late but I really wanted to get some quality time behind the wheel. First off I vinlocked to the demo car, so make sure you physically connect to your car when you purchase the license. Secondly, I dont know if this multiplies the affects of weak equipment but I blew two coils as soon as I flashed this. I didn't blow any for 5,000 miles of mhd so I figured they were strong. Could just be time for them to be changed, so a good tip is to make sure your equipment is tip top at all times. I also had a much needed walnut blast done about 20 miles after this so all of what I'm feeling will be skewed by that. This is stage 2. First things first, the downshifts are Amazing! The throttle blips are absolutely my favorite part, no more insane torque lunge.
    Drive mode is better, but will take some getting used to. The amount of time in 3rd gear is too short for my taste at low throttle. It almost skips third gear completely.
    I have no comment for s mode, I never used it
    M mode is beastly, at 1/4 throttle the shifts are snappy, but a little clunky, whereas full throttle the shifts seem faster and smoother, almost like there's no stoppage of putting power down. The downshifts.... Gawd the downshifts. I'm in love with downshifting my car for absolutely no reason at all. The noise and the smoothness is incredible. Thanks so much for that.
    Anyway I have a 600mile trip coming up and I'll give more feedback when I make that."

    Updated Dec. 4th.
    So by now i have several thousand miles on this system. Im still running stage 2, i firmly believe that its the best choice for my driving style and longevity of the transmission. Unless youre chasing world records i dont believe you'll ever notice the .005 seconds difference in shifts between stg2 and 3. The pressure that it takes the valve body to speed things up isnt worth it . This isnt proven ideology either, ive done no research, im just a guy with a car and a decent understanding of mechanics and maintenence.
    The positive features of this system include the free tcu code readings. Before this i only had mhd, once i changed my battery and had to take the vehicle somewhere to get a random tcu code cleared. Yuck. So im thankful for that feature. The store is quick and easy, and its been shown that the design team are continually working to make this software better for the end user. Always updating maps, how the flasher actually flashes, even buying a server to store backups and state files is amazing consideration by them. The downshift are still easilly my favorite part, although over time my feelings fade. One time, some how, the program became unflashed from my vehicle and i got to be reminded of what i left behind. So that was awful hahaha. Shifts are still quick, ive changed my mind about 3rd gear. Ive noticed that the car spends a little more time in every gear. Overall im pleased with its performance.
    An issue that ive had, and keep having, is sometimes if i drive the car to a store, shut if off for only a couple minutes to buy a drink or pump a little gas then turn the car back on, it will start in 3rd gear. And it will stick in 3rd gear until maybe 1/4 mile. Its slightly annoying but always clears up. Ive tried reflashing v1, v1.1, and v1.2 with no solution. I will be doing a transmission filter/fluid service over the winter and resetting adaptations with xhp. We will see how that works out. So yeah thats just my thoughts as of now. If there are any questions i may have answers, dont be afraid to ask.
  16. 4doorbmwpower

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    BMW 335i (E90)
  17. doublespaces

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    2009 E93 335i
    Oh yeah, forgot
  18. Shane303

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    Mesa, Arizona
    2009 E92 335i
    I apologize this review took so long to write...
    I switched from the Alpina (like most) to the xHP stage 3(ST) flash. It only took the short route out of my neighborhood in D(Drive) to know that the decision to make the change was a good one. The car was driven around in D only for around a month (I only drive the car once a week for around 50miles) to let the transmission adapt properly before switching over the S(Sport) then manual. With a single turbo, I would not use Drive with the Alpina flash due to the very quick upshifting. Once the trans was given time to adapt, I was very impressed with all aspects. The firm upshifts in all modes is excellent, but the downshifts/rpm matching is fantastic/the best part when slowing or cornering. I am very pleased with this upgrade and highly recommend it to anyone with an automatic transmission.