PROMO YCW Dry-Carbon Driveshaft - Pre-Order Special


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Oct 25, 2016
Hey guys,

after nearly 20 months of long awaited anticipation, we have finally put the money where out mouth is and have something to show for it:

the NEW YCW Carbon Driveshaft:

Test Fitment on an E92 M3:

Comparison to oem:

for those who have been following our driveshaft saga since the beginning, I'm sure you are all well aware by now of the issues we've had with previous partners, and thus our decision to move on and develop a new, better product from scratch.

in collaboration with a few key partners, we have finally finished developing a new carbon driveshaft that will hopefully help minimise the #1 issue that has been plaguing carbon driveshaft manufacturing since the beginning, be it aftermarket or oem: bonding

what exactly is this issue I hear you ask? Put simply, till this point in development, all manufacturers (including ourselves) have had the issue of the carbon tube breaking/spinning free from the flange/yolk/cv, causing immediate loss of drivetrain power. This is not a failure in the driveshaft parts themselves, but rather, the bonding/glue that holds everything together.

contrary to what some may believe to be a marketing exercise/scare tactic on my part, the reality is that this can and does happen (otherwise Nissan, MB AMG, BMW M etc wouldn't have had to recall their cars due to this issue, the most recent being the M4). A simple google search can confirm this to be true

there have been several "solutions" over the years by the manufacturers including:

- extended surface areas
- flat surface areas
- ridged surface areas
- rivets

all have failed to solve this issue.

So what is the solution proposed by YCW that has eluded the other manufacturers, and has taken us literally over 12 months of development time to come up with?


The image above shows our solution; not only do we retain our old bonding process (extended surface area with high temperature glue), we have also incorporated our new locking mechanism which physically locks the carbon tube into the connecting joint, thus reducing rotational forces (which previously fell solely on the glue), and helps minimise the chance of the tube from spinning free of the joint.

This new technology, coupled with our industry-leading flanges/yolks/cv's, allows me to proudly claim our product as one of the most advanced and durable carbon driveshafts on the market today, alongside our ongoing oem developments with Toyota Motorsports (TRD) and Ford Performance.

Ok, enough with the sales pitch and down to the nitty-gritty; what fitments are/will be available and how much is this going to cost you?

Initial Phase
- E90/92 M3 MT 2006-2013. We have 1 sample available to ship out to a customer in the USA for road testing, of whom will be responsible for providing everyone with an update on the forums (I will reply to all the PM's I've received after this post)

Next Phase. Testing will be rolled out in the following order:
- E46 M3 MT/SMG
- 335i MT 2006-2010
- 135i MT 2006-2010
- 135i MT 2009-2013
- 335i AT 2006-2007
- 335i AT 2007-2012
- 135i AT 2006-2010
- 1M MT 2010-2012
- E60 535i AT 2006-2009

Final Phase. We have still to source the oem driveshafts for measurements:
- 335i MT 2010-2012
- 135i DCT 2009-2013
- E90/92 M3 DCT 2008-2013

Production will start on the corresponding fitment after successfully road tested. Only then will we begin accepting payments (no sooner). Pre-orders have no upper limit and will end once production is complete and orders ready to ship

All fitments will be $1499.95 + shipping

Tester Pricing
All testers will be offered the special "tester price" of $1100 inc shipping. All testers must be located within the contiguous US

Pre-Order Pricing
All fitments will have a pre-order price of $1300 inc shipping (additional shipping charges may apply if outside the US, or you cannot wait the 2-3 week shipping time and require us to ship via Air)

How to Pre-Order
Please PM me and I will add you to the Pre-Order list. Again, we will only start accepting payments after road testing for that fitment is complete.

Pre-Order Lists. This will be constantly updated
E90/92 M3 MT
- serranot
- thongvua
- BlauM3
- Richbot
- donut_boi
- HolyChitMeng
- deansbimmer
- blowbackpolicy
- 6ixSpd
- [email protected]
- E90who
- Joe Dirt

E90/92 M3 DCT 2008-2013
- slicer
- Milas
- Chuck's M3
- Todd0131
- Not Sure
- Lienrocs
- rantarM3
- capo1
- Grayblack
- AV9
- Surquhar
- amrazM

E46 M3
- youinreverse

- martymil

335i MT 2006-2010
- bme30
- silverbimmer335

135i MT 2006-2010
- Nosrok
- raffists

135i DCT 2009-2013 DCT
- VegasJD
- jturboawd

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask :)
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Oct 25, 2016
What about people looking for m3 rear fitment wth their n54?
If we can get an oem sample (with modifications already done), we can make a custom fitment with 5 confirmed buyers

These look super nice. Also, does the fitment support e90? Sedans
Yes, all E9X's are the same fitment. It is only the transmission/carrier that determines the difference

I'm in 100% let me know when I can pay. Will these be shipped before march?
We are hoping to start a few test sets next month, and provided these fit ok, we'll start taking deposits for the production batch in January. They should be shipped before March, yes

Count me in, ready to pay.
Please let me know which fitment to add you under :)

Sure would like a shaft with M3-diff flange for my -08 manual 335i.
If we can get an oem sample (with modifications already done), we can make a custom fitment with 5 confirmed buyers

Yeah, any e90 love?
Yes, all E9X's are the same fitment. It is only the transmission/carrier that determines the difference

Need some love for DCT cars.
We need to get hold of an oem sample to take measurements from, and we can make the DCT fitments also

For people wanting custom lengths, I'm told if we can get 5 people, he can do it.
That is correct :)

Nov 2, 2016
If i fit my M3 diff in my 335i and measure the accurate total shaft length you would be able to make one for me with the 335 flange on the gearbox-end and a M3 flange on the diff-end, right?

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