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E89 Z4 sDrive35i(s) Intake Upgrade Conversion

Discussion in 'BMW Z' started by BQTuning, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. BQTuning

    BQTuning Specialist Vendor

    E89 Z4 35i 6MT M Sport
    Progress is slow in development but we are getting there. The E89 Z4(35i, 35is) intake conversion from the F01 740i was a theorized idea two years ago that became a reality today. Why the intake system of the F01 740i ? The F01 740i that comes with the N54 has a superior intake system among the N54 cars. The BMW X6 E71 35xi that also has the N54 share a similar intake system but a variant intake air box though.

    The car is ready now to get on the same dyno that previously had a conventional intake upgrade. Previous dyno was 503 whp and expected to put down the same power or better but with less boost. All this is being done on stock turbos as a benchmark that everyone can relate to. Trying to upgrade and maintaining a stock look is achievable on the E89 Z4.

    This is the Alpha CF version and we do have a Beta CF version that has been sent out to be installed on another Z4 with upgraded twin turbos. Between now and its official release the design is subject to change. The OEM parts are sourced by you if you want them new, used or wherever you can get them cheapest . There will be various turbo inlet options that will work with stock turbos, or VTT, RB, Pure, MMP turbo upgrades etc based on turbo snout size (1.75" or 2.0") in Carbon Fiber, silicone with aluminium reinforced inserts or no inserts option.


  2. derekgates

    derekgates Private

    NW FL
    2011 335is
    This is looking FANTASTIC. I am excited to see the results!
  3. NoQuarter

    NoQuarter Specialist

    Z4 35is, 535xi, X5 35i
    Right. The looks are spot on, If it helps even better.