Differences in N55 between E series cars and F series cars

Discussion in 'N55' started by Frostydc4, Dec 10, 2016.

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  1. Frostydc4

    Frostydc4 New Member

    Whats the difference (engine internals and turbo) between the N55 applications in the E series cars and the F series cars? Thanks!
  2. Joe

    Joe Specialist

    "The N55 in the F22 M235i has three enhancements over the normal N55.

    1. Software update
    2. Revised camshaft
    3. Revised exhaust"

    - The Internet

    Also, the ECU is different. E series can be flashed via MHD. F series requires a one time unlock and then can be flashed with bootmod3.
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  3. Joe

    Joe Specialist

  4. Frostydc4

    Frostydc4 New Member

  5. Bnks334

    Bnks334 Specialist

    That is the pdf for the n55 in the e-series.

    I'm sure bmw Academy (where the pdfs were sourced from) has since produced another n55 pdf for the F series that outlines the engineering improvements over the outgoing e-series n55.

    There are probably many more technical differences between the engines. Just like how people think n54 and n55 are the same engine yet they are technically 2 completely different animals.

  6. Joe

    Joe Specialist

    The PDF references both M0 and O0 models of the N55... Both of which found themselves in several F series cars.
  7. Flinchy

    Flinchy Private


    Only the 2011 e series can be flashed. The rest need a bench unlock just the same.
  8. Martial@MHD

    [email protected] Lurker Vendor

    There are more differences. M135i-235i have a forged crankshaft. M2 (n55to) has m4 internals.

    As for DME, some early F 535i should be directly OBD flashable. The rest will be taken care of later this year.
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  9. Frostydc4

    Frostydc4 New Member

    Is the turbo on the E8/E9x cars and the M135/M235 the same?
  10. Cjdzombie

    Cjdzombie Specialist

    2011 335i xDrive M-Sport
    I read that the newer N55s have and the M cars have a bigger turbo..

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