Fitting OEM 19” M4 wheels


Mar 14, 2018
I’m installing a set of oem 19” style 437M wheels on my Z and was checking in to see front tire size recommendations. I have the oem spec tires on now which are 255/35 and of course to wide. I am wondering if a 245 would fit? The front wheels are 9” wide so I think that a 235 would be pretty stretched! Thoughts?

Also, any tire recommendations? I’m thinking Nt05 or the Re11s. Plan is 600whp on Pure turbos next year and my PSS aren’t going to cut it.

ED654626-1348-41C4-8CDC-214A9DA3890C.jpeg 22C4A29A-9DCF-4CB4-97E8-EC86DEA1A743.png