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Discussion in 'N54' started by MMP, Dec 24, 2016.

  1. MMP

    MMP Lurker Vendor


    **This is for group buy pre-order for 50 units at a price of $300 each if the 50 units are sold


    I have been getting alot of inquires about a meth+nitrous adapter plate after I showed my PI kit so I made one for you guys available as a group buy. Group buy will be open until Jan 15 and kits will ship 3 weeks after group buy closes.

    You can join the group buy here by purchasing

    If we dont get 50 in the group buy I dont think I will make this plate and everyone's money will be refunded back. I will post this on facebook groups and also other forums to get more exposure but you guys can help get this plenty of exposure be reposting in social media as well.

    MMP has the best, lightest, most cost effective and ONLY meth + nitrous port injection kit on the market for your N54, N55, or S55 engine. Works on any model series with these engines including you M3/M4 guys!
    Material: The port adapter plate and rail is made from Aluminum 6061 T6.

    Benefits of this kit
    1. Very cost effective
    2. Includes 1/8" NPT ports on each port for your choice of meth injection and/or nitrous injection if you so choose. It is supplied with 1/8" NPT plugs so you dont have to use at all the second set of injection ports, just nice to have options, right :)
    3. Optimized to save weight at only 0.8 lbs!!
    4. Works with N54, N55, or S55 engines any model car including M cars so you can take the kit with you to any car you change to in the future.
    Kit includes:
    • Aluminum 6061T6 port injection plate
    • Stainless steel hardware for tie plates and new studs/bolts for intake manifold installation
    • Gaskets for port injection plate
  2. AK135i

    AK135i Specialist

    Anchorage, Alaska
    2010 135i
    I'm not in the market at the moment to purchases this with Christmas and all, but if this was an official and permanent product I'd defiantly buy this. I've been considering experimenting with Port Injected meth and Nitrous for a while and this is perfect and can do both!
  3. AK135i

    AK135i Specialist

    Anchorage, Alaska
    2010 135i
    Would be Awesome if you guys made a fully controlled port injection meth set up that's controlled by jb4 and combats the new one *******! just released.
  4. Omar@VaderSolutions

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    NY & AZ
    N54 135i & N54 335i
    I'm excited to run this in my 1'er!