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Rush Customs LCI Style Eyelids

Discussion in 'Vendor Sales' started by Chandlee17, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. RUSH Customs Pre Lci Eyelids

    LCI style for pre LCI e92 vinyl eyelids officially for sale.
    Fits e92/3 07-2010 e92/3 M3 07-13
    Available in 5D glossy CF,gloss black,gloss gunmetal.Packed and ready for shipping as well! Located in ATL,GA. Picked up prices are $25 for CF,$20 for gloss black,gunmetal.
    $30 shipped in Glossy 5D CF
    $25 shipped - Gloss black, gloss gunmetal
    Any other custom colors can be done as well.
    PM me for a set!
    1F333E48-2028-4116-B96B-C6411A476303.jpeg 1FEDD4F1-B280-4064-ADC4-2A65362D2FFF.jpeg 0A534D51-CA17-49D0-BF17-EBE176014984.jpeg 5927B28D-D391-4347-8116-C3A858126E28.jpeg DA4348C7-17BF-4F6B-B92E-FF21A8135426.jpeg 2EF4188E-2A4E-4CE0-B017-C13A2CE7572E.jpeg 02260A0B-2E1E-414C-8A31-D36A904A8F2D.jpeg
  2. Aj2295

    Aj2295 New Member

    2011 BMW 335i msport e90 N55
    Looks good man!
  3. TWilly

    TWilly Specialist

    id be all over this if it was for pre lci e90
  4. Thanks dude
    Working on it! One model at a time
  5. 37223B69-5895-4719-9CA0-7996DA5C8D2A.jpeg C9898480-937E-4075-A17B-19588E6B7812.jpeg 23B449F0-D55E-49EE-9BCF-6C5799306D80.jpeg Gloss gunmetal installed on a new customer!
  6. Should be out in 2 weeks!
  7. mxfreestyle

    mxfreestyle Lurker

    Send me a message when you get the Pre-Lci done I want a set!
  8. For e90 pre LCI correct?
  9. mxfreestyle

    mxfreestyle Lurker

    Yes for E90 pre-Lci.
  10. Ok cool. I’ll add you to the list
  11. Another customer installed pics.

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  12. mxfreestyle

    mxfreestyle Lurker

    Hey man, any updates for Pre-Lci e-90?
  13. They are done. I’ve just been so busy at work. Haven’t had a chance to get back to my plotter.
  14. mxfreestyle

    mxfreestyle Lurker

    Awesome! Shoot me a pm with prices please!
  15. They are $25 shipped within the US.
  16. mxfreestyle

    mxfreestyle Lurker

    Take PayPal? Color options?
  17. PayPal yes. Shoot me a PM. Only offered in gloss black at the moment.