Ad: Spool Helix HPFP overdrive Kit


Aug 7, 2019
I really all the pages of this thread pretty much lol. Btw the guy that did 537 wheel on e50 with the previous revised turbos his YouTube name is vehicular DIY he also has the spool hpfp install video. His car has hella miles almost 200k. and he mentions the car is not tuned aggressively at all and timing is not pulled. I just received my set of revised stage 2+ DA turbos and they are super solid. Each turbo has balance sheet to it. I uploaded a video on YouTube unboxing them. Next is getting the hpfp helix on the list. Maybe will pull the trigger in a week or 2 idk. Also the guy in the video that did 10.9 has federal 595rs and they grip as good as radials for who ever is interested. Guy with 800 wheel that I know loves them and took it on a ride to 180mph lots of times and they did amazing.


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May 25, 2019
My first assuption was yes use OEM torque specs because you'd think spool would have said otherwise, then I mounted it to torque specs and started thinking twice. Boo.


Oct 28, 2017
Monroe CT
I didn't find that to be true when I ran them. I've run the r and rr. Neither seemed a good qtr mile tyre but fantastic on the street when warm and dry. Bargain prices.
I believe there r is a drift tire. The rsr or rr whatever you want call it is a 140tw marketed as 200tw and is a good budget road course tire