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SpoolStreet.com Vinyl Car Decals/Stickers

Discussion in 'BMW General' started by Snelson3003, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. Snelson3003

    Snelson3003 Sergeant Vendor

    Hey errrrrbody!

    I am making this thread to get a feeler on some decals for our beloved website, SpoolStreet.com.

    Since I oversee one of the largest Print Production Facilities in the west coast I thought id get a feeler on some SS swag for you guys to enjoy. These would likely be made in Denver at my company C&D Printing.

    Aside from the fact we have the best website domain ever I do need input on the decal types you all want and what the feasible cost should be.

    On to the details!

    Size: 2" tall and 8" wide

    Material Type: White Oracle / Orajet Vinyl OR Glow In The Dark (green glow but a frosted white light green in daylight)

    Low end $: Just a basic white vinyl that is the lettering of SpoolStreet.com

    High end $: White/glow vinyl with the image of SS printed on top of the vinyl. Also the decal will be cut to edge, rounding the corners along the text.

    Now I would like to at least get a feel for how many of these i need to make after we decide as a group what the majority want to put onto their precious BMW's (lol).

    Cost is a moving target at this point since materials, QTY, printing type, etc all play a HUGE factor in the price points. But nothing will be crazy expensive since I'm not here to make $$ selling stickers honestly.

    - How much would you pay?
    - What of the above you want?
    - Who would buy one?​
  2. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    Personally I'd want a nicer one. As long as it wasn't more than ten bucks, depending on how it looks. Think I'd need to see some mockups to really get a feel for it
  3. 1and1

    1and1 Private

    you'd have to pay me to put a 2x8 on my 135....

    something more subtle and smaller I'd purchase several of and put all over the place tho...
  4. Snelson3003

    Snelson3003 Sergeant Vendor

    2 inch by 8 inches too big? - that's standard car decal size lol.

    Welp Idc about the size really if everybody wants it smaller then by all means I can make them smaller.
  5. 1and1

    1and1 Private

    No doubt 2x8 is standard.
    And I don't have any stickers on my car... :)
    But others will put windshield banners on without a second thought. Perhaps I'm not the best person to consider as a baseline. I suppose I'm just requesting options on the off-chance I might put one on a rear side window instead of hidden away.

    Even on my Speed6 my stickers were tucked away on the firewall....
    ((Cobb and FlowTuned))

    Last edited: Jan 31, 2017
  6. mxfreestyle

    mxfreestyle Lurker

    I would be in for the nicer ones as well for the $10 mark. I really want to see some mockups they sound nice!
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  7. Kervio

    Kervio Private

    I'd prefer the nicer design, but not a fan of glow in the dark. $8-10 sounds reasonable for a good quality decal
  8. Snelson3003

    Snelson3003 Sergeant Vendor

    Alright and would you guys want Spoolstreet.com and should I offer an N5X Enthusiasts one too for the FB group?
  9. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    How about we have 1-2 samples made up and we vote, I'll cover whatever it costs to get that made up. As far as text, I think we need to go with the lowest common denominator on what we could all agree with. With stickers, less is usually more in my opinion, so something small and neat looking would probably be the best. Here is my ranking:

    1. SpoolStreet(Fancy <$10)
    2. SpoolStreet(Simple <$5)
    3. SS SpoolStreet(Like FB Cover)(Fancy)
    4. SS SpoolStreet(Like FB Cover)(Simple)
    5. N5X Enthusiasts(Fancy)
    6. N5X Enthusiasts(Simple)
    As far as colors, I think no glow in the dark would be better, that is my vote. I'd have to see it though but my car is not very bright. I'm basically night rider with the only accent being aluminum FMIC and setrab cores.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2017
  10. Snelson3003

    Snelson3003 Sergeant Vendor

    Alright i went ahead and started production on 2 high end spoolstreet stickers based upon the file Tyler sent me.

    I should have them soonish. If you guys all like this sample i will create more based upon needs. Cost would be about $8 shipped to you.

    Final measurements are 1.5" x 7" to see.
  11. Snelson3003

    Snelson3003 Sergeant Vendor

    If you all like the sample SS sticker im making now then you can easily imagine what the N5X sticker would look like.
  12. mkster08

    mkster08 Corporal

  13. Snelson3003

    Snelson3003 Sergeant Vendor

    It's in production shortly. Once it gets the final passover for finishing ill post a pic > get feedback > adjust if needed > rinse repeat.
  14. b1mmr

    b1mmr Corporal

    Also interested :cool:
  15. Snelson3003

    Snelson3003 Sergeant Vendor

    20170206_165132.jpg 20170206_165122.jpg 20170206_165110.jpg 20170206_164942.jpg
  16. Snelson3003

    Snelson3003 Sergeant Vendor

    Keep in mind the other stickers on my car are all about 4" tall so it makes the SS sticker look smaller than it is.
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2017
  17. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    Looks good! Sign me up
  18. Snelson3003

    Snelson3003 Sergeant Vendor

    Alright guys the vendor thread has been started and is open for you to purchase. :)
  19. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
  20. b1mmr

    b1mmr Corporal

    I'd prefer plain white font or a solid gray with metal flake type deal.. anthracite basically