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Oct 25, 2016
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I think you misunderstood- your product is a sort of failsafe which helps the car to not run a meth map, when the meth is not flowing (and also interpolates between the two maps meth and non meth) right?

I totally see how this System makes meth more safe to use- in conjunction with your direct port meth Setup you also address Distribution Problems, which imo are common with the widely used one nozzle in the CP Systems.

But there still are Problems (same with PI) when it Comes to events where the DME cuts fuel (safety Problems, for example because rail crashes, DTC related events where fuel is cut and throttle is closed etc. etc.)- since you still need to rely on an external Controller for the meth you still have those risks, right?

Also for example with a direct port setup behind the TB you propably gonna have a big shift bog like you have it with the port injection system when the TB Closes and the DME cuts fuel for the few moments during shifting, which results in too rich AFRs after shifting because of the latency of the PI controller?

The shiftbog during a fast shift is one Thing, but how the System reacts when fuel is cut due to traction control another, because i imagine every latency in the System will result in a not 100% working System with symptoms like bogging because of too righ AFR or other stuff?

Would be happy to hear a few thought from you to my concerns and maybe your practical experience.
Yes, this is a failsafe based on flow. so with that, you can run different amounts of flow if you wanted to by adjusting the controller and essentially have different mapping for each range of flow. Although not what this was made for, its a little addition that you could use if you wanted to.

As for the problems with PI and situation where the DME cuts fuel. Most situations where the DME cuts fuel are misfire related where those are the most concern, but MHD also has the ignition coils cut feature where it shuts off the injector as well. Cutting fuel between shift are issues for those using the chargepipe as the boost reference point where they should be actually using the manifold, that way when boost falls in the manifold, the meth or PI controller will see it and reduce or cut fuel as a reference of demand.

I have dozens of people running DP meth kits from me. without issues of shift bog due to fueling. Also, don't forget the shift bog delete by MHD. Realistically meth and PI should have throttle reference. My Meth controller and torqbytes controller can use throttle input as a reference of activating meth and deactivating it. This setup has far more pros then the one or two cons. Cons being similar to PI. And some of this boils down to the driver also being a failsafe, by letting off when something doesn't feel right.

You, as so many others, also mention uneven distribution, but after soon 4 years of running CP injection I have yet to see any evidence. Do you have some?
this is common knowledge of most intake manifolds including the N54 manifold, that distribution is not the best and will be uneven. there were test done on these cars years ago, not by me, but by some others. Direct port is always going to be the best route.


Nov 14, 2018
I am running CP meth (100%) with a single 685g/min (13.6gph) nozzle. Would someone care to see if this impacting timing? All logs running methanol are marked as such.

PS: Dont know the official flow rating of the nozzle. I measured the 685g/min myself at 100% duty.

Twisted Tuning

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Oct 25, 2016
New York
Any news on when these will start shipping?

they are in the final phases of production (programming). So hoping to start shipping the pre-orders within 1 week, 2 max. Pre-orders are still available at the reduced price. Pre-order pricing will stop once the first units are shipped.

Also, something i forgot to mention about this is. This can also be used with any meth controller or ECU that has a 0-5v input. So for those N55, S55, B58, etc owners, where DME integration is not ready yet. If you are running meth, this can still be used with a capable contoller.
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Oct 28, 2017
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Is this made available to people that order your setup and do you have 375 ml nozzles or you think I should go bigger for your charge pipe setup with 600 who on hydra 650 turbos? Also I plan on ordering snow trunk kit it is a 2.5 gal tank with a solenoid at tank figure extra solenoid a good thing encase fav fails right . Unless you dont rec a solenoid at tank because of the way this system runs pump in bypass and meters the flow with the fav.


Feb 25, 2019
whats everyones thoughts on this now that its been out a while?

has it been proven to work with any other controllers than what are listed in the main post?

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