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Discussion in 'N54' started by [email protected], Dec 13, 2016.

  1. While all of you have been thinking about what to get Tony and I for Christmas, we've been diligently working on doing what we do best; pushing boundaries. I'm very excited to give some details on our latest accomplishment. Specifically, 777 whp on Direct Injection only. We didn't just break our previous DI only record, we destroyed it.

    Not a lot more need be said other than we got 777 whp (uncorrected; std was 772) out of our shop car with no port injection used. That's right. Direct inject only. We used our off the shelf double barrel shotgun system which is matched with our special VTT/SS hpfp controller. That's it.

    At a Glance:
    Uncorrected Graphs:
    DI only, 777 whp /701 wtq


    DI only, all dynos

    STD Graphs:
    DI only, 772 whp / 697 wtq


    DI only, all dynos

    Log Screenshot:

    Quick History:
    To refresh your memory, back in June Tony was able to get 650 whp with our proof of concept prototype hpfp system. That was exciting from a theoretical perspective but many of you were mildly cranky that we didn't have a hard date on turning that proof of concept into a viable product. We heard you.

    The Car:
    E90 335
    Forged Rods and pistons
    Stock head
    VTT GC Turbos (http://performance.vargasturbo.com/bmw-products/n54/)
    VTT silicone Inlets
    VTT silicone Charge Pipe
    VTT Custom PCV System
    VTT Crank Breather
    BMS Downpipes
    Custom Dual 3" to 4" exhaust
    Custom LPFP setup
    VTT Double Barrel Shotgun
    VTT/SS HPFP Controller
    Custom tuning by none other than @V8bait (Justin)
    NGK 5992 Plugs
    M3 rear end swap with 3.15 FD
    DSS Custom Carbon Driveshaft
    Stock 6MT
    PTF Twin Disk Clutch
    100% E85

    More Details:
    This is possible with our off the shelf VTT Shotgun Double Barrel, our controller and some flash tuning changes. It shouldn't be a surprise to you that at this level the system is VERY sensitive to fuel system health and capacity. Every aspect of the fuel system must be in absolutely tip top shape to even come close to this DI only.

    More questions? Ask away. We're here. If we aren't, it's because we're testing.

  2. Erichale77

    Erichale77 Sergeant

    Clearwater, FL
    07 E92 coupe
    Could someone run say a stage 3 or 4 lpfp setup along with this?
  3. Sure! We have the custom LPFP solution in place which I'd bet significantly outflows a normal stage 3 offering, but I'm not sure how it would compare to the new stage 4 offering -that's not something we tested. Bottom line is that you're going to need a stout lpfp solution at these levels, no two ways about it. How you get there is up to you, but obviously it has to flow enough.
  4. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    This is very impressive. I'm curious if you'll be testing this fuel setup on GC+ and how much fuel you think you've got left? Rail pressure looks nice at 7k.
  5. care to share more details regarding the hpfp controller? seems it would be the best solution for peeps like me that dont want to go PI and no access to ethanol....
  6. Awesome. First of all thanks of the information and formatting of you post, there is well organized information to back your claim.

    Regarding your statements about "your fuel system must be in tip top shape..."
    Is this double barrel + HPFP controller any more sensitive to fueling issues than say a common dual pump LPFP + PI setup at these 600+hp power levels? It wasn't clear if a well-working fuel system is even more important or rather important as always.

    In for more details about the controller.

    Congrats on this achievement, personally I think this is a HUGE step forward on the platform.

  7. R.G.

    R.G. Sergeant

    Henderson, NV
    E92 N54, F02 N54
    Nice. So the big question, approx when does this set up run out of fuel? 3500 psi at those levels is nuts.

    A secondary hpfp needs to be purchased with the kit and the controller is modified? If so and customer already owns a SS, would you guys be willing to modify or need to purchase the in house unit?
  8. Flinchy

    Flinchy Private

    Won't help much if you have no access to ethanol. The whole point of getting more flow out of the DI system is it Taps out on e85 with conventional setups pretty fast
  9. Flinchy

    Flinchy Private

    Can we expect any more info on the controller/tuning setup any time soon? Pretty huge deal if you can now properly control both hpfp's as well as get the injectors to flow as much as they possibly can.
  10. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    Details on controller magic please.
  11. #slowclap

    Amazing work guys :) Maybe I run one of these one day :)
  12. hmm... so you are saying i will hit pump gas octane limit before i hit hpfp limits?
  13. Its simply a Split Second controller we had made for us. Anyone already with a Split second controller can do the same, but you will have to cut, and splice wires. The only difference is ours plugs directly into the second HPFP. Nothing different besides that. As for flash tuning changes, its a matter of changing a few existing tables to suit high power levels with no PI. No additional tables are needed, all this speculation on IPW tables being needed was wrong, I said that too, so I have to eat a little crow. Basically anyone's car with a healthy fuel system, a LPFP set up that can provide the fuel, and our double barrel can do this.
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  14. in for details on HPFP upgrade and controller. This is a big step for the platform!!
  15. Details are 2.5 years old, here http://www.bummerboost.com/showthre...grade-and-a-new-stock-frame-horsepower-record

    As stated above simple Split Second controller plugged into the Second HPFP, with a custom map. This is the SAME kit we have had for sale forever, the only thing that has changed is we found a better way to control it. We are still in negative trims at these levels, meaning on DI only 800WHP+ support is handled by this system
  16. Yes, its more important. If you have a injector that is even slightly questionable. On PI you can get away with it as you are not asking them to do so much, this system will find any weaknesses in your fuel system, but I did find under 30 psi, its not nearly as sensitive, I was making in the 740-750 range over, and over, and over on about 27-28 psi, when I turned it up a little bit, I had to swap two injectors to keep it out of fuel induced misfires. The more boost you run, the more sensitive it becomes.
  17. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    I'm curious to hear more about it. And when you're ready, I'm interested to see how much more fuel there is. As I said before and is obvious, rail pressure looks fantastic.
  18. Can you let me know what more details you need? The post above has all the details on the Shotgun systems, and we have no idea who much more capability there is, the trims are still negative, meaning we have at least another 50-75WHP I would assume prob closer to 100%. As for the above statement about splicing wires, I also forgot we had harnesses made to go from an EV-6 plug which is 99% of the N54 pi controllers out there to the HPFP, so you would just need one of those.
  19. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    Yeah just the minor details, I guess I'd just need to get in touch with you about the shotgun. Since I know you're always pushing, when can we expect you to put the GC+'s to the test with this setup?
  20. R.G.

    R.G. Sergeant

    Henderson, NV
    E92 N54, F02 N54
    I think the original appeal was maintaining DME control

    Now the PI comparison looks like this

    $1200DB vs $900 rail
    $700 hpfp vs $100 Walbro
    PIA install vs Easy install
    $1100 oem injectors (replacement cost only) vs $400
    SS controller vs SS controller

    This is much cleaner as far as retaining factory look / function but definitely not the most cost efficient.
    Maybe I'm missing something
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