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xHP Flashtool - 6HP21/28 TCU cracked

Discussion in 'ZF6HP' started by doublespaces, Oct 23, 2016.

  1. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    According to a member by the name of dave205t, the RSA encryption the 6hp26(TU)/6hp32(TU) has been bypassed. This should allow for uploading a custom file to the TCU finally.

    For those who don't know, TU stands for technical update and AFAIK, the 6HP26(TU) is the 6HP28 and the 6HP32(TU) was the 6HP34(Link), however was never released to production so I'm not sure exactly what dave205t means. But the good news, is that this method should work for all 6HP transmissions and opens the door to customization of shift points, line pressures, shift speed and possibly transplantation.

    This can be accomplished using any INPA cable probably much like MHD/bummerboost Flash, however he has yet to decide how he wants to monetize his discovery. This is from dave205t:

    Other details include the fact that development mode of the DME was not enabled in order for the exploit to work, RayBan81 and Mik325tds have been given test versions of the tool, in which RayBan81 has confirmed writing works on a 325d and Mik325tds has confirmed it working on a 335d(I know, names are confusing).

    Here is an update from RayBan81 regarding the commercialization of the product:

    To clear up any confusion about which transmission generation you may have, this is a high value post which i'm reposting here.

    TL;DR: This only works with 2nd gen, 6HP19TU AKA 6HP21 and the 6HP26TU AKA 6HP28. This will not currently work with the 6HP19 or 6HP26 without additional development not currently planned.

    And here is another update regarding the status of development and table discovery:

    We've asked for clarification on what "secure method of flashing" means, most likely a VIN locked flashing process of some kind, in conjunction with safety features to reduce the risk of flashing a brick.

    UPDATE from DWR:
    Either way, $100 seems like a good deal to us. Let the transmission tuning begin, I'm ready to see for 7500+ RPM shift points.
  2. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    @RayBan should be able to shine light on the status when there is news!
  3. RayBan

    RayBan Corporal Vendor

    Thx to Tyler, for inviting me here and putting the actual state together.

    This project evolved out of the US 335d community at E90Post.com, where I stumbled across approx. 1.5 years ago. Some members there (Mik325td, Derek and more) were putting a lot of effort into kickstarting this with gathering information, logging stuff and connecting people. After some quick wins, the project hit a hard barrier, when we discovered that calibration files are digitaly RSA signed by BMW. Only files with the correct signature are accepted by the TCU. Otherwise it will stay in boot mode and won't start at all.

    After some months of full stop one member brought up dave205t who has extensive experience in ECU development and then invested a few months of his spare time to work on cracking the TCU. He finally made it this summer and we were able to successfully flash the first TCU. Lucky guy I am, I was running the first modded ZF6HP26TU transmission in a BMW at the end of July. "Modded" is a big word in that context, it was just the Alpina B3 software running on a non matching transmission and a non matching engine. As expected, the outcome was fairly poor. :)

    Since then we - a small project Team of 4 people - were constantly flashing, modding, logging, comparing in a never ending process to discover the Maps in the TCU and their purpose. A lot of progress has been made since then and we're able to control many aspects of the tranmission behaviour by now. There are still things to discover, but at least for the Diesel guys a pretty decent calibration is ready.

    That said, the first release will focus on the 335d/330d/325d cars with a 2nd gen 6HP, (see post above for release dates of the 2nd gen) but support will be extended asap to the N54/N55 cars. I'm not able to post a release date for the tool by now, but I hope we can narrow down the timeframe in the next 2 weeks.

    As posted by Tyler it will be priced very competitive and I definitely want it to be community driven. That means everyone will have the opportunity to flash his own calibrations, which of course includes sharing information on the maps, scalars from our side. A VIN lock is obligatory, but I do have yet to decide how this will be handled exactly.

    I will update this thread as we progress!

  4. Looking forward to updates
  5. LD335xi

    LD335xi New Member

    I will be keeping an eye on this one. I would love to tweak some shift points and firmness in my car.
  6. Jboyorak

    Jboyorak Private

    This is big. The transmission controls a lot more than I think most people understand. We may be able to really get our 6ats out of the hole hard with this.
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  7. 101duck

    101duck Private

    Hey mate

    Is the 335d Tranny stronger than the 335i Tranny? or just a revision? I have one of each sitting around and am curious to know what the differences are and are they interchangeable.
  8. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    They aren't interchangeable, and they are different altogether. They are from the same generation(2) but are different models. The 335d transmission(6hp28) is stronger. The 335i transmission (6hp21) has an upgrade through nizpro being tested. Nizpro builds the 6hp28 to over 1000hp.

    There is a little bit more details in this thread:

    Nizpro 6HP21 Upgrade?
  9. @Aje Follow this, soon you may be able to tune your auto 135i.
  10. nitemare

    nitemare Private

    In for updates.....I would love to shift at 7300rpm. Hopefully it will work with a built Propulsion Dynamics/European Transmission with their flashing that is done.
  11. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    If you knew what I can't tell you, then you'd be pretty happy.
  12. Would love to see the Alpina flash tweaked or even the factory settings tweaked to shift more like the Alpina (more so the second).

    I know the highest torque #'s are low in the rev range but I just feel like being in 5th gear by 40 is causing the motor to work harder having to constainly produce high toque numbers to pull its self in high gear at low speeds in D. Then when in DS it holds the gear way to long at times. Lingering around 4K just cruising seems to high strung for our motors. I think we need a happy medium between stock and the b3 flash.

    I'd be interested to see if there is any way to make shift points variable on load instead of rpm.
  13. RayBan

    RayBan Corporal Vendor

    Hi Guys,

    today is the day, a lot of you have been waiting for! [​IMG] Well, maybe not THAT day, but it's the day, where we can lift the curtain and give you a lot of information, on the tool itself, the release date and present you with a small teaser I put together on YouTube, to show some of the features. Basically, not much has changed, since my last post to this topic. We're on a good way, to get things going exactly as promised ->Link

    The tool will be released under the name xHP - Flashtool and as said will be available on Google Play Store/Android Platform! Planned release date is February 2017.

    I know, that we've been quiet the last weeks, but this was due to an immense workload to make this happen in time. Most of the work, was further reverse - engineering of the calibration files. As it turned out, there is absolutely NO information present on the market covering the 2nd gen 6HP transmissions and (of course...) it's very different in many aspects from the 1st gen 6HPs. Even 2nd gen layout differ massively between OEMs. Audi handles everything different then BMW for example. That said, we had to go the hard way of reversing (most of) everything to make this happen. The outcome so far are well over 1000 tables, which define how this transmission handles everything. There are still a lot more to examine, but as I speak we were able to take 95% control of:
    • Shift Points
    • Torque Converter Lockup
    • Torque Management
    • Shift Pressures, Line pressures
    • Paddle Reaction Time
    • Warmup behaviour
    • ..
    • .

    For the ones, who don't want to read any more and just watch the actual state of play, here's the link to Youtube: http://bit.ly/2gHK5Hk

    The video represents a work-in-progress state of the tune on an N57 diesel. It's not final, nor can i be compared to what is possible on gasoline engines! (in terms of shift times for example)

    This very car has it's paddle response time cut by 30% and the shift-time overall by 50%!

    It's another league when driving this side-by-side! And of course, this is not stopped with my watch at the wrist, this times are extracted out of logfiles done with Testo! Big thx, to pheno and his work!

    After completing most of the Tune and sorting out tables, the next 2 months will be mostly dedicated to developing the App itself. DWR was so kind to agree on producing a XDF file for TunerPro, as soon as we've double checked everything. The xdf will be released together with the App and is - of course - free of charge.

    Additionally there will be OTS files to buy in-App for those, wo don't want to shuffle with bits & bytes by themselfs. The first group who will get this tunes, are N57/M57 diesels with a 2nd gen 6HP transmission. I will elaborate more on this in the next weeks, as BMW (or ZF/Bosch) was so great to not only change memore layouts between 1st and 2nd gen, but even in 2nd gen there are different versions with different memory layouts. My search shows, that differing cals where probably only used during transitions from 1st to 2nd gen (so should by very seldom in the field), but it's hard to judge this 100% for now. From what I can tell it's safe to say, that EVERY US-based 335d is covered for sure. I will be posting more on that topic in the next weeks!

    After market introduction, the next step will be covering the N54/N55 platform. I cannot give a timeline for that, but it's first on my list and I definitely want this to happen asap! So expect it to happen shortly afterwards.

    So, I'm sad that we can't make it in time for Santa, but just think about the saying "Anticipation, is the greatest joy!" ;-)

    Plz feel free to post, ask or suggest things you want to see until release!

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  14. Awesome!!!!
  15. Twisted Tuning

    Twisted Tuning Lieutenant Vendor

    Great news. Keep it up
  16. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    I am really curious on how this turns out! 7500 RPM sounds wonderful.
  17. 135Pats

    135Pats Private

    Tremendous! I would have thought this a fools errand a year or two ago.

    Now praying that this works for the 6HP in my 1er. it's identical to the E9x 6HP so here's to hoping.
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  18. Subbed

    Cannot wait for this application!
  19. veee8

    veee8 New Member

    Been following this for a while! Great news indeed!