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Discussion in 'N54' started by Turby, Nov 14, 2017.

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  1. Turby

    Turby Specialist

    Decided to start a build thread to help myself keep track of my progress with this new project. I previously had an e90 with an on3 kit and some other mods for about 2 years and ended up selling it to try out the corvette life. Picked up a c5z06 which I enjoyed for about 6 months and the ls6/t56 platform along with the plastic interior was enough for me to sell it after a short period of time and get a car I've wanted for a while, e82 with a n54.

    Old e90
    Old c5z
    Flew out to Maryland to buy this SGM/Coral red 08 135i with 55k miles

    Car was mostly stock other than the minor mods it had which were jb4 / ar downpipes / bms intakes / h&r super sport springs

    The car had been sitting outside for a few months which led to sun faded headlights and some clear coat fading on the roof of the vehicle. Easy fixes and the rest of the vehicle checked out as well as the price I was able to get it for to include recent receipts for new turbos/water pump/tstat. Drove it back to Missouri with no issues and instantly started to put a list together of needs/wants.
    A local friend of mine is parting out his 135is and I was able to swap tail lights with him for the dark lines, these make the car look so much newer.

    Tomorrow I'm driving down to Oklahoma to pick up a used jp works kit with pretty much everything besides the turbo which works out for me since I plan to get one from a friend of mine. I will also be getting wheels from someone else in Oklahoma with pictures to follow.

    Future power/fuel plans:
    Jp workz kit
    6466 gen 2 bb
    Vrsf 7.5 race intercooler
    I pre ordered the vtt single barrel shotgun kit
    Bmr 450 bucketless fuel pump
    Trans cooler kit from @1slow_e36
    Xhp stage 3
    Manual boost controller
    Mhd flash only

    Future exterior mods:
    Custom headlights
    5d carbon high gloss wrapped roof
    Front lip
    15x10 et44 forgestar f14
    17 or 18 forgestar f14 for the fronts

    I'm sure I'm missing a bunch of little things but I'll be sure to note it.

    That's it for now, happy to be back on the n54 platform for now and can't wait to get this build started.

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  2. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    Have you decided which coilovers?
  3. Turby

    Turby Specialist

    Not yet, I really like bc racing though
  4. John@DBV2

    [email protected] Lurker Vendor

    I would highly recommend Ohlins Road and Track.
  5. Turby

    Turby Specialist

    I'll have to look into those
  6. Turby

    Turby Specialist

    Update, was able to get the jp workz kit from my buddy a few days ago as well as a cp/bov setup. I also grabbed this cx racing intercooler from him but after looking up reviews and logs it doesn't seem like it'll do the trick. Luckily found a brand new vrsf 7.5 intercooler locally and couldn't say no to that. Here's some pictures of the parts and some better ones of the car after cleaning it. I'm in the process of wrapping the roof right now.
    LRM_EXPORT_20171120_103547.jpg LRM_EXPORT_20171116_145146.jpg LRM_EXPORT_20171116_144956.jpg LRM_EXPORT_20171116_144742.jpg 20171116_090911_HDR.jpg received_10155094282488616.jpeg
  7. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    I've seen some pretty good deals on used single kits floating around
  8. Turby

    Turby Specialist

    Installed the 7.5 today and the power up top is amazing compared to the stock ic, it's also nice watching your iats go down during a pull lol. I also threw on these black eyebrows for the headlights which look so good in person, I'll have to get better pictures of them in the daylight soon. During the week I ditched the jb3 that the car had and flashed mhd e50 new v8 beta map which is very smooth and xhp stage 3 trans flash.
    20171121_094310_HDR.jpg 20171121_100550.jpg 20171121_100557.jpg 20171121_104151.jpg 20171121_105022.jpg 20171121_142008.jpg 20171121_164806.jpg 20171121_221217.jpg 20171120_212911.jpg
  9. 335i_lou

    335i_lou Specialist

    Raleigh, NC
    E90 335i, FBO, inlets, outlets
    Can you point me to the direction of these deals...? Lol
  10. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    Eh, just seen them now and then

    Is that a CF wrap or overlay on your roof?

    EDIT: Nevermind, see it now

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