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BimmerGeeks Pro K+DCAN cable

Discussion in 'Advanced Tuning | Coding' started by BimmerGeeks!, May 26, 2017.

  1. BimmerGeeks!

    BimmerGeeks! Lurker Vendor

    PRO BMW CABLES from BimmerGeeks.Net!

    BimmerGeeks solely guarantees your cable works the first time, and every time. Whether your looking to use the basics of Inpa, Ncs, Ista or other popular softwares or whether your looking to flash those modules that they say you cant flash with a Kdcan, we've got a cable for your needs.

    PRO-CABLE: $44.99

    The K+DCAN cable that's proven to beat even the most expensive cables in speed, functionality & reliability. Modified in house resulting in a truly unique k+dcan cable.
    Directly tested, approved & recommended by some of the top BMW tuning & development companies out there such as:

    ***MHD, Xhp, BimmerLabs, Twisted Tuning & Wedge Performance***

    -Code, Flash & Diagnose all E-Chassis
    -Diagnose F-Chassis
    -Cuts Flash Times in HALF!
    -Proven to flash modules other K+Dcans can't such as:
    -M3/M5/M6 DME (MSS6X)
    -E6x M5/M6 SMG (GDSMG3)
    -E9x GM Auto (GM1912)
    -Built in switch for double K-Line support (E46, E38, E39 etc)
    -One Year Warranty

    ENET-Cable -$19.99

    -BimmerGeeks Enet Cables are pre-tested before shipping. Made from quality materials & built for durability. Guaranteed to work out of the packaging.

    -Code, Flash & Diagnose all F/G/I-Chassis
    -Pre-Tested on Esys & Ista before shipping
    -One Year Warranty

    Basic K+DCAN: $34.99

    The basic version of the cables above with no switch and non-modified software...For DIY customers who only need the cable for their car or newer chassis(E90, E60, E89, E70, E65 etc...


    You can place orders at BimmerGeeks.net. We ship daily at 4pm, all orders place by 3pm(est) are shipped same day.
    For those using our coding & diagnostic services, please wait until your cable arrives to request remote software install. This way we can remotely install the software & get your requested coding items done in one session

    Screenshot_2017-05-26-22-07-20.png Screenshot_2017-05-26-22-09-53.png
    Last edited: May 26, 2017
  2. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    So is there a difference between this and the blaze cable I bought?
  3. BimmerGeeks!

    BimmerGeeks! Lurker Vendor

    Nope, We've partnered with Twisted Tuning so your all set!
  4. Danksies

    Danksies Corporal

    Any reason for going with BimmerGeeks? Not the meaning behind the name lol, but all makes use OBD2 so why limit your yourself by being loosely associated with BMW's? I feel like search results for cables wouldn't advertise you guys that well unless you were either already established or paying for ads.

    Your cables look good though. If mine ever goes out I'll keep ya in mind
  5. BimmerGeeks!

    BimmerGeeks! Lurker Vendor

    We mainly assist with remote coding and flashing. It got to a point where it only made sense to sell the cables we needed customers to get to use our services.

    Instead of offering the same old KDCAN cables everyone else does, we decided to offer something a little different.
  6. don detta

    don detta Lurker

    Northern Virginia
    2009 E90 335i lci
    Just got mine in today! Shipping was quick. I haven't had the chance to try it out but looks mint.
  7. Wburfield

    Wburfield New Member

    2007 335i
    I just want to win the raffle.
  8. matreyia

    matreyia Sergeant

    335i e93
    I can personally vouch for BimmerGeeks Cable. My old Amazon cable would be unstable and crash with MHD sometimes and almost all the time with xHP to the point where I could not even install xHP let alone flash stage 3.
    I did not know there was such a difference in cables. When I finally got the BimmerGeeks cable, it was rock solid stable, super fast transmission rate. My xHP would crash at sector 2 about 20% and give me the dreaded "TCU not Supported" error... until I finally used the BimmerGeeks cable. Then it went 100% without a hitch and was half the time to install. 8 minutes instead of 20 minutes.

    Highly recommended.
  9. Jeffman

    Jeffman Sergeant

    I got the same one from Twisted Tuning. MHD reflashes take 1 minute. They used to take 2 minutes on the old K+Dcan cable I have. XHP install was about 30 minutes on the new cable - but I had to really charge the battery to full because xHP wouldn't start if the battery voltage was below 12.x volts.
  10. TN8Shooter

    TN8Shooter Lurker

    BMW E92 Coupe
    Great cable for the money. Customer service is outstanding!!!
  11. DKe90

    DKe90 New Member

    Hi im looking for a cable do run a MHD flash on my car. Is it possible to skip the INPA software installation ive tried everything to install it but its not working im looking for a plug and go type cord
  12. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    You don't need to install INPA to use mhd. If you haven't bought a cable, but this one.
  13. matreyia

    matreyia Sergeant

    335i e93
    Save yourself the terrifying feelings of messing up a flahs when it gets stuck midway... get a BimmerGeeks cable. You are wasting time and money if you try to find cheaper amazon cables... ask me how many stupid cheap cables I went thru and cause nothing but problems.
  14. JuniorB

    JuniorB Corporal

    BMW e60 5series
    Just got the cable, do I contact BG to load the software and programs to start running this, I'll like to run this on my laptop and tablet. Also have you helped with the xhp programming on the earlier e cars? Ty I'll be in touch.
  15. ddang06

    ddang06 Lurker

    Sugar Land TX
    FBO 2009 E92 6MT 335
    Got my cable the other day . Works as Acevertised . You should label the switch tho .