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Ds mode problem

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting' started by 328iwagon, Nov 13, 2016.

  1. Hi everyone, I been having problems with my ds mode in my car.

    I had replace the shifter assembly, I te code everything and I do the alpina coding.

    Will the mechatronic valves had anything to do with this problem?

    Btw, this is a e91 328i with a full 335i swapped.

    Any help will be really appreciated.
  2. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    Pic of the E91!
  3. Turby

    Turby Corporal

    What problems are you having
  4. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    This was what I read on another forum:

    I am willing to bet that you've got some wiring issue. What transmission does the 328 have? There are probably some incompatibilities in the harness compared to the ZF we've got?
  5. I replaced everything except the
    Footwell and junction box.

    I did not replaced any wiring inside the cabin, yes I did replace the rest of them out side th cabin.

    We swap all wiring out side the cabin from motor to transsmision.

    TransmisiĆ³n is from the 335i that I bought side crashed, so the motor and tranny came out together for the car alone it's all computers modules, brakes, complete steering wheel colum,

  7. I will post some pictures shortly, I don't have any in my phone right now

  8. I have not ds mode, when I mode the shifter to the left, the m/s light up but nothing on dash at all. I can mode in m1 m2 m3 m4 m5 m6 but after little drive, it goes back to D.
  9. I will look I to what transmission the 328i e91 2009 got and compare it to the e92 335i 2009, good call there.

    Thank you very much

  10. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    Yeah I don't know, but I think the brand would be different from N52->N54. I think you'd then need to look up the wiring diagrams and make sure everything is switched over.
  11. Pictures

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  12. Where I will be able to get the wiring diagrams for both, I have the Bentley Bmw 3 series Manual but does not show deep into the wiring :(
  13. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
  14. actually the same thing happened to my friend with a pre 07/03 335 with a swapped used tcu

    i coded it already but its still the same... rheingold keeps complaining about gear signal or something...

    the tcu also had issues holding pressure to clutch and throws a transmission light after a few WOT... but then the last owner of the tcu had the same issues and codes as well but he replaced it with a new valvetronic body and it went away

    perhaps tcu mismatch?
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  15. I was not there when that did that part of the swap, I wonder now if the left the 328i tcu and they did not replace it with the you from he 335i.
    Because I did not had in the 328i paddle shifters and it does not recognize that as well now that I have gen connected .
    I will double check on that as well.
    Can I buy an tic from another 335i and swap it and re code to see if that helps?

    Thank you very much for your time and help!!! It is really appreciated!!!!!

  16. When you say valvetronic, do you mean the solenoids valves inside the mechatronic? The body and solenoids valves?

  17. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    I think he means valvebody. Valvetronic is technology for the engine head.
  18. sorry yes i meant valvebody in the above post

    if you want to check your tcu version then just use tool32 and read the hardware version off it...

    if you didnt have the paddles before you will need to hard wire the switched to the +/- on your shifter and code the car to have a sports steering wheel by editing the VO list and recoding the car...

    however, in my experience, some cars still wont allow the paddles to shift after recoding but since i didnt do the wiring part, i cannot answer if the wiring was at fault

    also... there may be some difference between the switch itself or the wiring used for the d/s switch in the shifter column between pre 07/03 and post 03/07 cars....the easiest way to confirm this is to scan your car with rheingold and see if it comes up with a gear position code and cross check the shifter column and see if they share the same part number

    unfortunately i dont have the knowledge to answer your question as i own a MT myself
  19. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    When I installed my performance wheel on my last 335i I had to buy a harness from BMS I think. It converted my car to have the paddle shifters.
  20. yep the harness saves you from hard wiring it to the shifter, its the same thing only cleaner
    but still, some cars require it to be coded, and even when coded, doesnt mean it will work for certain
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