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FMIC Stencil or no Stencil

Discussion in 'Interior | Exterior | Audio' started by Djohnson92, Dec 2, 2016.


Do you prefer a FMIC with Stencil or FMIC with no Stencil

  1. Stenciled FMIC

    3 vote(s)
  2. No Stencil FMIC

    36 vote(s)
  1. **VOTE UP ABOVE**

    I can look at pictures all day, but what are most of you running or actually prefer looks best in person, a Stenciled FMIC or No Stencil?

    Feel free to post pictures of your FMIC, would love to see members setups!
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  2. Me personally.. I'd rather just see the finished product without extra 'advertisement'

    I understand that a lot of people look into things and see that a certain brand is doing really well and they want to show that they care about the quality but... Personally, I think on a FMIC that it's pointless and probably decreases efficiently a little.

    I want that bad boy to keep it cold and to function at its best! Having a giant sticker on it doesn't seem like an upgrade to me ;)
  3. So are you telling me the +2hp for each sticker you have isn't true? Lame!
  4. I wish it was true... Stickers cost a lot less than high quality performance equipment..

    But, at the end of the day as I said its up to you. If you want to show it off more sure slap it on there, if you want to use its potential 100% even if doing both would be 99.x% then don't.

    Reasons why I dont:
    1) Vendor usually rack another 10$ because they gave you THEIR sticker
    2) Seems less effective for what it does
    3) I don't have a M-Tech bumper so, its almost out of site anyways.
  5. Bnks334

    Bnks334 Specialist

    Looks tacky unless it's a SEMA or otherwise spondsered car full of advertising already (imo)...
  6. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    Don't see the point for myself. It just takes away from the cores ability to exchange heat if anything. I am all about clean, clean, clean. I would lean towards debadging/shaving than stickers/decals/etc. I will be putting a SpoolStreet.com decal on my car however :)
  7. You should send me one of them (;
  8. Mike @ XPH

    Mike @ XPH Corporal Vendor

    No stencil for me
  9. SEE even the vendor doesn't want his stickers on his performance hardware. XD
  10. Mike @ XPH

    Mike @ XPH Corporal Vendor

  11. ysjeon1698

    ysjeon1698 Specialist

    What is the point of paying extra $10 and advertise for them lol..
  12. I would prefer no stencil. The German technical inspection (TÜV) does not need a big hint for illegal hardware.
  13. no stencil, unless it is a sponsored FMIC. If it is then stencil away :)
  14. rebo0t

    rebo0t Specialist

    E90 335i
    No stencil 18 to 1. Lol
  15. no stencil. i think it's ridiculous they make you pay to advertise FOR THEM. unlike bodybuilding . com that give tons of free stuff away to advertise.
  16. dyezak

    dyezak Lieutenant

    Plano TX
    If a vendor wants me to purchase their product then no stencil. If they want to just give it to me and get their value via advertisement they can stencil it up to their hearts desire. But I'm not paying to advertise for you.
  17. Twisted Tuning

    Twisted Tuning Lieutenant Vendor

    I personally only advertise for sponsors of my company and vehicles and my own companies. Unless its a close friend of mine. then i would advertise for them a bit.
  18. At 22-1 I think the OP gets the general consensus LOL...
  19. Jsherry20

    Jsherry20 Sergeant

    no stencil, keep the car looking clean and sleeper! don't want it to look like rice.
  20. Danksies

    Danksies Corporal

    I feel like stickers, vinyl, and stencils are all cop magnets. Not to mention dick magnets. No thanks