E9X Future of Xdrive Drivetrain

The Banshee

Nov 18, 2017
Lehigh Valley PA
I went with Strongflex. I have a few friends in Germany that have used this brand of bushings with good results. I found the quote below in another thread and figured I would try them. I haven't driven the car yet so I cannot report on actual feel and performance. I do think this bushing is a critical factor when putting big power/torque through an X-drive, especially with the new shift bog fixes.

Great build.

On the suspension side, if you haven't replaced the big front fluid-filled bushings in the traction strut, give these a try. Completely changes the steering feel and tightens up the front end quite a bit. Install is pretty easy if you have access to a hydraulic press. Been running them for couple of years no issues:

A shop I use installed them using this method.

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