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E9X 335xi - Build Thread & Suggestions

Discussion in '3 and 4-Series' started by [email protected], Nov 14, 2016.

  1. Hello,

    Quick intro:
    My name is Derek Moore. I am IT Support and a developer. I have a N54 335xi (Pre-LCI 08')

    I am starting this thread pretty much to get some good feedback about my future ideas for my car.

    In a nutshell the end goal will be FBO but, until then I am gathering as much information as I can on Logging, Tuning, and general knowledge with this engine.

    I have always been a die-hard BMW fan. I look forward to hearing from all of you.

    Next Mods (Not in order):
    C-Less Downpipes
    Upgraded FMIC
    Meth Injection
    Stage 2 LPFP
    More to come..

    My car:
    08' BMW 335xi - 70k miles
    Tune: JB4 + MHD BEF (Pump)
    BMW's performance exhaust
    Dual Cone Intakes
    BMS Cowl Filters
    B4 Shocks + Struts
    Fusion Sport US Tires (All around decent tires for the price (168mph, 45k mile)

    Last Log: (See attached)

    Pretty much got the OK from the wife to make it a racecar :D
    Please let me know what you think! Any/All feedback is appreciated!


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  2. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    So, what is your end power goal?
  3. End power goal is around 450 - 500whp/wtq
  4. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    Then your you shouldn't have too much trouble. If you remain with stock turbos, definitely take a look at inlets as well.
  5. Is there anyway to DIY inlets?
  6. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    I don't know the install procedure, but it is a little bit more invasive. I think it just depends on your ability and the willingness to cut your old inlets to remove them. Seems like I remember hearing they are a paint to remove but I'll let someone else chime in on the install.
  7. Well, I am fine with doing it myself but, If its going to be more time than its worth for me to have it done.. I'll likely have them done.
  8. Due to the recent inlet wars they are pretty cheap now. Probably not worth making your own. As long as you cut and break the back inlet it's not that bad of an install. Plenty of install videos out there. Only costly part is getting a 335d coolant tank and quality PS reservoir bracket so it looks clean. Cheap but quality are usually not the same. There is a post on here about inlets. Read the feedback and make your decision. Inlets were what woke up my car after FBO. Your power goals can be hit easily With intercooler, Downpipes, stage 2 fuel pump and a good tune. I personally say stay away from chargepipe meth injection. It's not even distribution and could cause issues. If you want meth injection get a direct port set up. Good luck with your build! Look forward to seeing the progress.
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  9. Snelson3003

    Snelson3003 Sergeant Vendor

    You can DIY Inlets but you will need some decent tools. Including a decent dremmel tool or wire saw. The rear inlet is a PITA and usually gets hacked off. Most shops charge 4 hours of labor but if you go the route of upgraded turbos you'd knock both out together. I did mine with the turbos and saved some added costs while also doing water pump and Tstat. Water pump labor I'd about 4 hours with the tstat. So together it's 800 less that I had to pay.

    Log has minor timing pulls but as previously discussed: FMIC and LPFP are needed before you get near the 500whp goal.

    It's doable reliably since I daily my 498whp 135i and put 20k miles a year on it. Just be ready to log until your eyes bleed haha
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  10. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    I dont think you have to relocate stuff if he does the stock location inlets I thought?
  11. Snelson3003

    Snelson3003 Sergeant Vendor

    Nope. If he runs the stock location inlet style the coolant reservoir relocation is not needed.

    With the TFT/VRSF/etc styles you must relocate the coolant tank.
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  12. Definitely cannot wait for FMIC Upgrade + Stage 2 LPFP :D Thanks everyone for all the suggestions thus far. Please keep them coming as this is going to be a long build.
  13. You have access to E85?

  14. Yes, I have lots of places locally. (;
  15. Then you will want to take advantage of that with the JB4 and the BEF :)

  16. I do take advantage of that, but as I said.. I really cant wait for the FMIC and Stage 2 LPFP that way I can get past 95octane. Gotta get to that map 7 (;
  17. Dave@Fuel-It!

    [email protected]! Corporal Vendor

    Have an xi myself.

    Feel free to PM me any fueling or xi questions :)

  18. I have my Aquamist HSF-4 methanol kit for sale if you're interested. It worked flawlessly with the JB4 and I'll include upgraded steel braided lines and fittings. Comes with everything you need, integrated controller, 2 gallon trunk mounted tank, LED flow gauge, etc.

    I am selling because I run port fuel injection with full E85 so no need for methanol injection any longer.
  19. So guys... Looks like Stage 2 LPFP is next..

    Did a pull yesterday at the dragstrip and logs showed fp_l going under 50 even down to 46 on 93 octane alone.. :c

    Messaged ******* about the situation.

    Will update soon about what will happen next :)
  20. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    What boost?