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bootmod3 New Feature Release *** OBD Unlock and OFFLINE Flasher ***

Discussion in 'S55, S58' started by PTF, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. PTF

    PTF Lurker Vendor

    Hey guys, some great news we're really happy to share with everyone of the new BM3 features.
    OBD Unlock and the new OFFLINE Flasher (flashing without the need for internet, similar to Spotify downloaded songs you can play offline) features are now live in a wider closed beta.

    If you’d like to participate in this closed beta testing round let us know through our tech support portal as we’re doing it one car at a time and enable access to the feature on a per user account basis.

    To get started make sure to download the new OBD Agent version 0.9.42. iOS and Android apps aren’t updated yet so you’d need to use a laptop for this round of testing.

    Overview of what’s been covered:

    OBD Unlock:
    - New convenience option to unlock your DME and tune the car with BM3. The previous bench type unlock is still fully supported.
    - Unlock DME without pulling it out of the car or sending out for unlock
    - NO SPECIAL CABLES or hardware required. Uses the same ENET cable still that you can get on Amazon for around $16-20. No waiting time for special cables to be shipped or waiting on us to ship them as they're available through Amazon
    - Instant activation and OTS map download! No waiting after purchase
    - OBD unlock for new cars/install time around 260 seconds start to finish instead of 10-50minutes with other F series tuning solutions.
    - Revert back to Stock and locked. No chance of tamper code showing once flashed back.
    - No flash counter limitations - our dev cars have been flashed well over 1000 times. This has always been a BM3 feature.
    - Flash date freeze - unique BM3-first feature, no other tool supports today. Flash date never changes when flashing with BM3.
    - Flash counter freezes after OBD unlock

    OFFLINE Flasher:
    - Flash without internet access
    - Fastest flash time on F series platform. ~260secs for unlock flash, ~40secs for just a map switch! Others using USB/DCAN cables take 4-5x longer such as tuners using rebranded Frieling (FRC) USB cables and Bimmergeeks or similar USB/DCAN cables with OTG adapters used by some Android apps.
    - Twin DME cars (N63tu and S63tu) flash at the same time and in parallel and take the same time as single DME cars to flash. Other tools using USB/DCAN cables can only do one at a time due to limitations in connectivity pushing the initial install time and map switch time to well over an hour or 18mins for a simple map switch!
    - No special cables, hardware Or additional software required, just the standard ENET BMW coding cable that you can get on Amazon for around $16-20.
    - Whether using iOS and Android apps or just a laptop with a browser, maps are downloaded locally and flashed with no internet connection required. Flashing in remote areas, underground garages, bad wifi, is a non-issue.
    - Manages map updates automatically in case of tuning (custom) updates and downloads them prior to flashing without users needing to worry about managing it and you can save your downloaded map files anywhere you like (google drive, dropbox, iCloud, etc for backup if you like)
    - Backs up existing DME coding data automatically without users having to worry about it like with other tools and automatically re-applies it after flashing
    - The original online-type flasher for the DME stays in place as a secondary option through testing
    - TCU flashing (GTS flash) requires internet access still but we're looking to move it into offline mode as well.

    Some dev work that’s still in progress that we’d like to finish this week:
    - Add obd unlock support for N20, N63tu and the rest of N55. Very quick to do and we expect to finish it this week.
    - Update flash screen with new progress bars with time estimate countdown
    - OTS Map updates and new additions to the OTS Maps screen across all F series
    - Finalize closed beta testing of the above 2 new features

    There is no additional cost to the end user for any of these features and it is bundled in the cost of a BM3 software license along with all existing features already provided.
  2. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    Great progress! So I assume the initial unlock portion requires an Internet connection as well as a little bit of time to download the maps you'll use, etc?
  3. Tony@VargasTurboTech

    [email protected] Lieutenant

    Bay Area
    Killing it D! Our F80 development car will be at the ship in the next month or so, we will be working together again...:) :cool:
  4. PTF

    PTF Lurker Vendor

    Yep, once the map comes down its ready to rock offline any time, much like songs on Spotify. User internet once to play/download then play without internet any time after.

    Thanks Tony. PTF no longer provides custom tuning services unfortunately as there's simply no time given all the software development with bootmod3 that takes place. However, there are some really great tuners in our Tuners screen that we've been working with over the past year and they've been building really great stuff for many out there and I'm sure they'd be more than up for it. Team and I are there always to assist any of them with any questions, any new tables that might be required or anything really. All the best!
  5. PTF

    PTF Lurker Vendor

  6. Tony@VargasTurboTech

    [email protected] Lieutenant

    Bay Area
    Ok cool. I will be in touch to get a recommendation once we are ready
  7. n54tuning.com

    n54tuning.com Corporal Vendor

    Toronto, Canada
    Added to our site as well..