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N55 mileage alert

Discussion in 'N55' started by 335iHaroon, Nov 7, 2016.

  1. 335iHaroon

    335iHaroon Specialist

    Since someone did a n54 mileage alert thought I'd make one for n55s.

    2013 e92 n55 currently at 72k Miles. I drive a lot.
  2. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    Dang man! You ride the freeway often?
  3. 335iHaroon

    335iHaroon Specialist

    50 mile daily commute adds up haha
  4. bcaz808

    bcaz808 Lurker

    2011 E90 48k miles.
  5. 2011 E90 74k babied miles.
  6. Dconnelly9191

    Dconnelly9191 New Member

    2011 e92 335i xdrive 67k miles
  7. Nipplebro

    Nipplebro New Member

    2012 335i 42,000 miles.
  8. 335iHaroon

    335iHaroon Specialist

    What is your car lowered on ?
  9. 2011 E92 335i 64k miles
  10. 2011 E90 335i 79k miles
  11. 2010 E92 LCI 335i, 59k miles
  12. flexbrah

    flexbrah Lurker

    2011 335i xDrive e92 @39k miles
  13. 335iHaroon

    335iHaroon Specialist

    Wow super low miles.
  14. Dconnelly9191

    Dconnelly9191 New Member

    Sonic tuning s3 coilovers
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  15. 343cab

    343cab Lurker

    i have now 71k
  16. 335iHaroon

    335iHaroon Specialist

    Looks great!

    How's that waterpump holding up ?
  17. 343cab

    343cab Lurker

    It's still the first one.
  18. 2
    Are we talking miles or kilometer? Anyhow, I would start saving up right now (touchwood).
  19. 335iHaroon

    335iHaroon Specialist

    I'm at 72k miles and it's failing. Cost me about 530 for parts thermostat, waterpump, screws, coolant not that bad of a diy either.
  20. 2012 F30 N55 50k