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Mar 24, 2018
If you like a refresh of your turbos you will have to pay for it especially if there is nothing wrong with them, prevention is cheaper than cure but at the same time your turbos could last another 35k so why do you think a manufacturer would refresh a set of turbos if there was nothing wrong with them for free because there has been a number of reported failures and what about the hundreds of set still running with no issues.
The best example of this is BMW. Its vastly known that they had wategate issues with wategate rattle and BMW didnt replace all those turbos that were working as designed, but they did replace those that failed. There are plenty of 335i's out there with over 150k miles still running there stock turbos.

If BMW replaced every set of turbo attached go every BMW they would go out of bussiness if they were a small company, but a company like BMW could survive that yet they still choose to only replace the defective turbos.


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Jul 15, 2017
I've got gen 1 GC Lites. I put them on at 53k after my warranty ran out in 2016 and now at 79k I'm still very happy with my purchase. I daily the car with a 93oct 22psi tune and have ran ethanol mixes only a handful of times. So I can't say I've pushed them very hard. But... I've got a single barrely shotgun hpfp setup that's been sitting in the corner of my garage for about a year and with how well my GC's have treated me, I'm not afraid to install it and go 25psi or higher on full e85. I actually can't wait til I'm able to have it installed (I can't do it, in a wheelchair) because I'm very confident those turbos will be able to give me 600whp+ for well past 100k miles. I'll admit... these turbos and other VTT parts have turned me into a bit of a VTT fanboy.


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Feb 16, 2018
I've had my Gen 1 GC Lites for 2+ years and about 23k now, been hitting 1/4 mile events and 1/2 mile, and just over 100k. Running at elevation and can hit 23psi at 5200 ft elevation.


Jun 4, 2018
My GC 2.0's made it almost 20k miles, then the front turbo shaft broke and the turbine shaved its self down against the housing pretty good. I'm also at altitude and was pushing upper 80's WGDC at 7k RPM to hold 22 PSI on hot summer days. In the cold they would easily hold 24 psi to red line at 70% WGDC.

VTT did tear down and could not find an immediate reason for the failure. They were going to replace them for free under warranty but I opted to upgrade with them. Now I'll be running their new GC+ setup. I did this because I wanted to reduce shaft speed for longevity. If I'm going to try to push 26.5 or even 24 PSI to red line on stupid hot summer days at altitude, I'd like to do it with under 75% WGDC. So hopefully this will help.

I'm thankful to VTT for holding up their warranty like that.
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