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335i N54 Pure Stage 2 Twin Turbo

Discussion in 'N54' started by Twisted Tuning, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. Twisted Tuning

    Twisted Tuning Lieutenant Vendor

    Had the pleasure of meeting up with a new client today and his beautiful 07 335i coupe. The attention to detail on this car was nothing short of great.

    We have been talking over the last couple weeks while his car was having some upgrades done over at ZNM Performance out of NJ. Anyway, some background about Damon's 335i

    Pure Stage 2 twins
    VTT 2" stock location inlets
    BMS Catless DP's
    CPE Full Exhaust
    BMS PI Controller
    JB4 G5
    MHD BEF (Custom by Twisted Tuning)
    ******* ultimate Package with the new Stage 4 LPFP setup

    Dyno session was scheduled for 1030am, but we had a bit of a late start. As we were about to pull the car onto the dyno I noticed that the car was misfiring at idle. Coils, Plugs, or Injectors???? Well all brand new Just installed recently by ZNM. Problem wound up being the plugs being gapped at .018 as per an outside source recommendation to ZNM. Opened the gap to .020 Problem solved. So onto the rollers we go.

    Shakedown pull on our base BEF at 20psi put down a little under 500whp and low 500's for torque. Everything was working as it should. So start ramping in the boost a bit on the base BEF. Car is loving it. Power is so linear on these twins, it just pulls. Did a couple pulls at 24psi peak. Made a couple BEF updates, Ramped up to 28psi and made a few more BEF tweaks.

    End results of the day:

    624whp, 605wtq @28psi (mustang dyno)
    686whp, 665wtq @28psi (lower 10% Dynojet conversion)
    Fuel was E83

    No videos yet, but will have them up soon. Couple pics for you all though.



  2. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i

    EDIT: NVM N54
  3. Twisted Tuning

    Twisted Tuning Lieutenant Vendor

    Yes N54
  4. Mike @ XPH

    Mike @ XPH Corporal Vendor

  5. Twisted Tuning

    Twisted Tuning Lieutenant Vendor

    20psi Shakedown.....


    24psi Boost bump.....


    28psi max boost for the day....