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N54 335i 2007 NO BOOST

Discussion in 'N54' started by Pablo.zhp, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. Pablo.zhp

    Pablo.zhp New Member

    E46 330ci zhp, 335i E92
    Hey guys, new here.

    Have a 335i 2007 E92 and there's no boost at all. Vacuum lines are already checked, selenoids are working, diverter valves are working as well, we've changed wastegate actuators and flaps, but there's still no boost.

    What else can we look into?

    Best regards
  2. R.G.

    R.G. Sergeant

    Henderson, NV
    E92 N54, F02 N54

    Any codes present? Tuning devices? Checked all the intercooler, hot and cold side charge pipes connections?
  3. You said you replaced wastegate parts, did you inspect the turbos to ensure they are ok? Can we see a log?